Performance Programming

Performance Programming


Are you looking to reach your peak performance? Perhaps looking to train for a Marathon, Tough Mudder or other Endurance Type Event? Or you just want to test your physical limits and see how far you can go? My online Performance Programming will help you to unlock your full physical potential with your specific goal in mind. You’ll join a select group of no more than 20 other unique clients who are looking to get stronger, fitter, faster and much more.

What you’ll get:

  • Weekly programming delivered straight to you the morning of the workout, with exercise video tutorials, muscle group specific warmups, movement and mobility drills, and real time tracking of your progress.

  • Individual Video Feedback Uploads delivered once per week via Skype/Private Video/Vero, whatever your preferred platform.

  • Direct contact with me once per week either via text, email, phone, FaceTime, etc.

  • Tailored Nutrition Options, Calorie Tracking Assistance, and Macro Recommendations based on your goal.

£350 Total Cost split into:

£150 Up Front Initial Cost

£100 Monthly Recurring Payment

(Minimum 3 Month/ 12 Week Commitment).

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